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Now hiring. Manufacturers across the country are hiring, with some 600,000 skilled positions open. They need electrical engineers, lab technicians, hydraulic specialists, and people who make and run what we use everyday. Think aerospace, chemicals and plastics, communications technology, earth-moving equipment, analytical instruments, precision medical devices, biopharmaceuticals… the list goes on.

Service providers are also scrounging for talent: the strongest demand comes from healthcare, infrastructure management and maintenance, food and beverage, office support and technology.

Position yourself.  To know is to invest in your success.  How you build your skills and credentials has everything to do with your earning power, and there are those you'll need no matter what the job: informed decisionmaking, reliability and solving problems by yourself as well as a member of a team.  Find out how to mesh your interests and needs with the fastest-growing job markets today, and just how to build skills for the industries on our horizon that will create the future of work.

Realize the return on your investment. Understand why skills and credentials are modular -- that is, blocks of capability that you can stack over time. Find out how to equip yourself with enough knowledge and experience that you are always poised to learn and earn more. Absorbing new information, systems, even cultures, is commonplace in the world's workforce. Become the talent that employers need, whether they are hiring in your neighborhood or across the country. Your investment in your future really pays off when your skills afford you the flexibility and portability you need to go where the jobs are. One day