Our mission.  By showcasing working learners who maximize their potential with educators, employers, trainers, and mentors, we demonstrate challenges and real options for the many millions of Americans seeking stronger skills, higher incomes and greater fulfillment.  Expanding and deepening our partnerships with businesses, schools and leaders from grassroots to the White House, our goal is to optimize American performance and individual well-being. WORK | LEARN | LIVE is a coalition-based effort led by the *   and delivered to you by the   *.


As resolute and resourceful Americans, we're always trying to better our daily lives and our future prospects, working long hours while learning in classrooms and informal settings.  

We hold jobs and move through training programs, engage with mentors, and take advantage of the seemingly endless ways to boost our competencies. With twin goals of stronger skills and higher incomes, we believe we'll be better equipped to tackle today's challenges, and maybe become more satisfied with our lives.  

Our desire for more and better opportunities might come naturally, but the pathways are not nearly as organic. We must create them.  And once we do, our working and learning can easily crowd out time, energy, and passion for anything other than moving forward.  But what if a strong sense of direction and accomplishment were to replace the stress we feel as we push toward our goals? WORK | LEARN | LIVE plots the points for job seekers, employers, educators and decision makers with practical steps toward greater qualifications and higher earnings.  Be a part of empowering  the American workforce. Click and scroll through the WORK | LEARN | LIVE to see how.

Start with America's Working Learners.  Their stories are here.


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